Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes

This was a John Newbery award winning book. I read it out loud to Benjamin, but neither of us cared for this book very much. It took a long time to get through at over 300 pages and a slow moving story. The story plot was simple, but the book was filled with flashbacks and diversions that neither of us cared for. It was not a book that couldn't be put down. Basically it is about a brother and sister who work at getting the $1.00 needed to buy a puppy, and then their search for this puppy once it disappears.  While in the end, they find Ginger, their now grown-up dog, and know who the culprit who stole him is, we were disappointed that the criminal was not punished. Set in Cranbury, CT in the 1950's is a sweet story with too much fluff for me and my son. 

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