Saturday, January 29, 2011

Selling children's books online

For a while, I have contemplated having my own website in addition to selling on Amazon and eBay. I have registered my domain name as Another Look, so have changed my blog name to match. Now I am working on designing the web page and this may take a while as I am just learning. I am also learning Microsoft Access where I will be entering all books in a database. So far I have been using Microsoft Excel, but this Access will serve me better. It is not a user friendly program and I am teaching myself with a book (from a used book sale of course).  To start off, I think my niche will be vintage children's books, because that is what I love most. The illustrations in some of my books are fantastic and I think that is what I love most about them. I am praying about this new endeavor and for the Lords guidance as I proceed.    

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